Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let's Catch Up...

I can't EVEN with the last few weeks! CAN'T EVEN! 
Nonstop, Craziness, Ups, Downs, Stress, Happiness, Sadness, and every other emotion a human could possibly be capable of! 

First and absolutely foremost, my grandmother passed away. She was 89 and took a hard fall that she just couldn't recover from. I was in Nashville when it happened and was lucky enough to see her one last time to say goodbye. I flew home and, two days later, she was gone. So, I'm back in Nashville now with my family. We will miss her, but we are all just happy that she isn't suffering anymore. I just love her wedding day picture. She left me a gorgeous diamond necklace that was my great grandmother's and I will cherish it always. I'll post pictures when we can find the darn thing! 

I also got to spend a lot of time with my favorite little nephew! I could lounge around in my PJ's with him all day. Which I definitely did...

Barbara has been in and out of the vet, which hasn't been so fun. I can't remember whether or not I ever mentioned her chronic IBS, but in between Nashville trips, she got really sick. So, along with regular vet trips and medicine everyday, I've been tweaking her homemade dog food to make digestion easier for her. She loves her vet, so I'm starting to thing she gets sick on purpose :) 

Christine's fine. She wanted me to tell you.

I've been working 70+ hours a week on top of all of this, so blog fun has been put on hold. I could attempt outfits of the day, but it would be yoga pants and sweatshirts...boring! Although...

I did like this outfit I wore for wake/Valentine's day dinner with my friend, E! The dress was Milly and the Blazer was H&M. 

I'm trying to figure out which direction I want my little blog to go in. I enjoy posting little tidbits here and there and miss reading everyone else's news/thoughts! I'm thinking a new name is in order, too. We'll see where this goes...

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Working From Home: The Pros and Cons...

Yeah,  It doesn't look like this...
 I work from home. To some people, not having to leave the house early in the morning to head to the office would be a dream come true. Other's enjoy the hustle and bustle of an office environment and wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy being at my house, but there are also a few draw backs. So, in case anyone is wondering what it's like, here are a few pros and cons to having your home base also be your place of employment...

First the Pros:
  • Sweatpants. Messy Hair. No Make up. It's wonderful.
  • I'm never late. Ever. I also don't have to put gas in my car nearly as much as I used to!
  • The dogs get taken out regularly. No getting locked up in a cage from 9 to 5, which they are very happy about!
  • My schedule is flexible. I take lunch whenever I want, have doctor's appointments whenever,  and take plenty of breaks to stretch out or get fresh air.
  • There is always fresh coffee and it can be whatever flavor I choose! And I don't have to share my flavored creamers with anyone!
  • Personal phone calls are no problem. I could take them all day if I wanted, although I wouldn't get much done.
  • Zero office drama. 
  • My work is always there. If I have to work late, it's no big deal, because I'm already home!
Now, for the Cons:
  • There's not a whole lot of human interaction. E-mails don't count. The T.V. in the background doesn't count. I usually take my lunch breaks alone, although sometimes I'll meet up with someone. 
  • The huge misconception that I have all of the free time in the world. Just because I can be more flexible doesn't mean I don't work. Working and life's other responsibilities are quite the balancing act, regardless of whether you commute or not!
  • Procrastination-When no one is watching me work, I tend to put things off until the last minute. I've improved a lot over the last year, but I still find myself letting things pile up a bit before I tackle them all at once!
  • When you're in you house a lot, it tends to get a little more "lived in" and sometimes messier! My office area is pretty much a war zone right now! Not to mention, my work seems to spread itself out into other rooms. I try to take a few minutes before bed every night to tidy things up and clean mostly on the weekends. 
  • Everyone's heard the advice about leaving work at work and how you shouldn't take your job home with you. I find it hard sometimes to stop working, especially when I've been really busy. Even though I can take plenty of breaks, usually I don't.
Overall, I'm happy with my little set up! It's not perfect, but it works for me! I wouldn't mind being in an office eventually, but for now I'll stick to my humble abode. 

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Holidays...

It's Me! Still here, still alive, still Desperately Seeking, etc. etc....
First off, Happy 2014! So far, so good over here! It's been overwhelmingly busy, but that's not a bad thing!
Here's a little recap of the Holidays...

First off, this is what was under my parent's tree for me Christmas morning!!! I cried I was so happy. Really. 

Here's my mom's gorgeous tree! I don't know how she manages to make it look so perfect-and I didn't stay around long enough to have to help with taking it all down, Thank God!!!

My contribution...

And I finally got to see this little guy! Baby Nephew has grown up so much since August and was so much fun! He had no idea what was going on, but didn't mind playing with all of the new toys...

I also got to see my girls! Always a plus when I go home!

I spent New Years Taking Jello Shots and not taking pictures, but I did remember to take one at the Predators/Panthers game in Miami! It's a yearly tradition and I had great seats this time!!!

Oh, and there's been fishing, don't worry! I only caught a baby grouper this time, but one of the guys I was with caught an enormous Black Drum...

And Lastly, my Baby turned 1! 
My little Holiday Hiatus is over, so I plan on writing much more and checking in :)

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